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Seminars in the USA, Canada, all D-A-CH Countries and ONLINE

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German-American Cross-Cultural Seminar:

This intensive 1-day seminar teaches American participants how to work effectively and harmoniously with German team members. Although very similar, Germans and Americans often have trouble working effectively together. This lies on varying values and expectations, time focus, communication-style, etc. This seminar is practical, intensive and based on real life day to day experiences. Some of the training highlights are as follows:

  • What you should NEVER DO and how to Avoid the Team Work Killing Mistakes
  • Overcoming the American Credibility Gap
  • How to apply the right working, communication and leadership-style to German-American teams
  • How to Manage Conflicts and Deal with Criticism
  • Do's and Don'ts in Email Contact
  • How to Consistently Reach Your Goals in German-American Teams

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