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Since the “Great Recession,” and now the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been major changes in most purchasing organizations. They have become more professional and far more risk averse, while most sales organizations have largely remained unchanged.

Research shows that suppliers must enjoy widespread support among the main customer stakeholders to have any chance at making a deal.

On average, 5.4 stakeholders must say yes, before a buy decision can be made.

The larger a stakeholder group becomes, the less able it is to reach a consensus on a difficult decision. “Group dysfunction correlates strongly with group size and diversity.”

Dysfunctional stakeholder groups find it difficult to agree on anything other than the least common denominators such as minimizing disruption, avoiding risk and saving money.

Due to their risk aversity and most suppliers' inability to differentiate themselves effectively, stakeholder groups tend to ask three suppliers to bid on the business. And, then they award it to the cheapest one. We call this the 1 of 3 commoditization trap.

If these facts weren't challenging enough, cultural difference also plays a major role in consultative selling success. If organizations try to sell, using the same strategies and messaging in Germany as the would use in the USA, they will almost certainly underperform, or fail outright.

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